Cassandra “Cassie” Arlene Meadors, at a young 14 years, Beloved only daughter of Craig and Charlotte Meadors, and Barrington High School freshman, died in a car accident on Sunday, February 4, 2018.  She is the cherished grand-daughter of Ted & Rose Ann Yanik, and Bill & Roberta Meadors.  She is survived by her favorite aunts and uncle, Cheri & Ted Selimos, and Laura Olsen; favorite cousins, Zoe Selimos, Nicholas Selimos, and Logan Gunder; favorite great aunts and uncles, Arlene & Dean Metropulos, Carol & Roy Dettloff, and Pat & Alfred Maruda.  Her many close family friends, including The Diers, The Martins, and The Daniels rounded out a full social life (beyond her beloved Instagram and Snapchat).  She had many tight friendships across schools in Barrington, Wauconda, and Fremont, plus sports friends and a wonderful lunch group.  Favorite remembered teachers at every level of Barrington schools (NBS, Station, BHS).  

Cassie was mom to two loving cats, Callie and Creamsicle, who followed her everywhere they could and allowed her to do just about anything with them.  Walks in a cat stroller, sleeping in her bedroom, dress up time, and a morning wake up call to them every day.  Cassie enjoyed participating in swimming including the Foglia YMCA FAST team for almost 6 years, and recently took up volleyball with successively Skyhigh, Barrington High School (breaking a finger early in the season but still going to every practice and game), and most recently the Rolling Thunder Crimson 15 team with strong traditions.  Volleyball had become a passion for her to chase, including both team practices and individual workouts to better her game.  Cassie loved school and math – until Geometry this year – and never had to be told to do her homework, although procrastination was an issue we were working on.

Cassie enjoyed so many activities over her short life, including; Mohican Nation Indian Princesses campouts and camaraderie for years, tubing on the Fox River, swim camps, SeaWorld and overnight camp, beaches on the Atlantic/Pacific/Gulf, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens, Wisconsin Dells water parks, dolphin swimming, all US Disney parks, three Six Flags parks, Battle House laser combat, the Wisconsin State Fair, paddle boarding, playing dominoes, and  attending concerts of  Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and Hannah Montana.  She was lucky to have Logan and cousins from Atlanta join her on some of the Disney trips.  Cassie remained a vegetarian her whole life after baby food, and continued to love restaurants: Panera, Bob Chinn’s, Domino’s, JJ Twiggs, Bulldogs, Noodles & Co., and Dunkin.   The macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese industries lost a devoted fan.  

Cassie loved spending time with her family, and was the love of her Mom and Dad’s life (and she knew it).  She was an only child and the wonderful friendships she developed, gave her “sisters” that she never had.  She was an excellent friend picker, and was very lucky to have Zoe, her cousin, as her favorite sister.  Cassie’s house was filled with love and laughter, and she brought her sisters to join in the fun with sleepovers and events.  The memories of these strong, smart, fun, excellent friends will last forever.  Cassie was her Mom’s partner for travel to/from school, talking about her day and getting encouragement and help to be strong on issues, watching shows together, and keeping small secrets from Dad.  Cassie was her Dad’s partner for getting great deals, couponing, yard work when needed, any kind of crazy activity he thought of, and going to the library.  She only knew her Mom to be stay at home (although Mom used to work long hours), and she only knew of her Dad working with great people at CNA Insurance Companies (although he had worked elsewhere).

It is with such sadness that Cassie passes before being able to move to late-teen, college, and adult life experiences.  She was still our baby girl, just starting to figure out how strong she was in mind, body, and future.  She was a beautiful person, inside and out.  Cassie recently aspired to living in warm places and being a marine biologist.  She will sadly miss her spring break trip and Taylor Swift concert, and SO MUCH MORE.  Cassie will be deeply missed, and we could not have asked for a more perfect daughter.  We were all lucky to have her in our lives and she will be missed terribly.

Friends, family, and current and former team members are encouraged to join us in a celebration of Cassie’s life on Saturday, February 17,, 2018 from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM at the Ahlgrim Family Funeral Home, 415 South Buesching Road, Lake Zurich.  847-540-8871 or  Flowers are being serviced by Lake Zurich Florist at 847-438-6755.  Donations may be made to (Huntley, IL), which is where Cassie adopted her kittens.