Cremation Services

When a family wishes to use cremation as a way of disposition, we bring the deceased from the place of death to our funeral home. The family will then come to the funeral home for the Arrangements Conference. This is when we gather the information needed for the death certificate & sign the necessary forms. Once the death certificate is signed by the doctor, we will gather the permits from the Coroner’s Medical Examiner’s Office & the County Registrar. We will also obtain the Certified Copies of the Death Certificate. The deceased in then transported to the crematory in an Alternative Container & the cremation takes place. After the cremation is complete the ashes are returned to the funeral home and the following options are available.

Returned to the Family: Cremated remains can be given back to the family in a temporary urn, which is usually made out of wood, or an urn can be purchased which may be made from items such as: Bronze, Ceramic, Copper, Crystal, Hardwood, Marble, Pewter, Porcelain, Stainless Steel or Titanium.

Keepsake Urns: Cremated remains can be separated into one or many small urns called Keepsakes & more then one member of the family can keep part of the ashes.

Above/Below Ground Burial: Cremated remains can be buried or placed in an above ground niche at a cemetery. If they are to be buried, the cemetery may require the cremated remains to be placed inside an Urn Vault.

Shipping Out of Town: Cremated remains can be sent to cemetery or family member that is out of town or the state.

Jewelry: Some of the cremated remains can be placed into a Keepsake Pendant/Jewelry that has been specially made to hold a small portion.

Landscape/Portrait Painting: You can get a painted portrait made of your loved one using some of their cremated ashes.

Natural Memorial: Some or all of the cremated remains can be placed in a vessel inside a man made “Natural Memorial” such as a tree stump or a variety of rocks & boulders (with a memorial plaque) which can be used in a cemetery as a headstone, if allowed by cemetery, or in your yard & can be taken with you if you move.

Glass Sculptures: A small portion of the cremated remains can be handblown into solid glass keepsakes or solid glass pendants, there are many colors & designs to choose from.

Life Gems: A portion of the cremated remains can be used to make a high-quality diamond from the carbon of your loved ones ashes. You can choose from a range of carat sizes, cuts & colors. The family receives the cut diamond ready for setting.

Sent into Space: A small portion of the cremated remains can be sent into outer space by rocket & can sent into Earth orbit, lunar orbit, to the lunar surface, or into deep space.

Memorial Reef: A Memorial Reef can be created by mixing the cremated remains with concrete to form a reef system, a bronze plaque is placed on the reef & then the reef is placed into the ocean & over time will become a living reef. The family will receive the exact longitude and latitude of the Memorial Reef.

Sierra Nevada Mountains: All or some of the cremated remains can be scattered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This is performed with a single or twin engine plane. Family may attend.

Fireworks: Cremated remains can be scattered from within a Fireworks display as part of the brilliant colors and patterns of the fireworks. (Fireworks can only be launched in California & only by the “Angels Flight Inc.” staff, however family & friends can be present).