Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pre-plan.
Pre-planning allows for the funeral to be arranged exactly the way someone would hope it would be. Choices can be made ahead of time, alleviating any concern, allowing the families focus to stay with their loved one.

Can I pre-pay a funeral?
Yes. A funeral can be prepaid in payments or in full. This money will gain interest and is formulated to cover any funeral home increases as the years go on. Prepayment is not a necessity.

What is the standard length of time for an average visitation?
A visitation can be conducted anytime between 2:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M. the day before the services. See our Wake/Services Options page for more details.

Why do I need a burial vault?
Not only does the burial vault keep the ground elements away from the casket but it also accepts the pressures of the earth. As cemeteries use back hoes to dig nearby graves, place headstones or mow the lawn the vault will keep these weights from causing any harm to the casket or its seal.

We are considering cremation; do we have to have preparation?
No. Embalming is only required by the Public Health Department in the case of an open casket, public visitation or service. A private family viewing will be arranged before the cremation takes place.

Do we have to have an obituary?
Possibly. An obituary will slow phone calls of family and friends inquiring of the service times. Many families will have a close friend stay at their home during the visiting hours or request a house watch from their local police department. An obituary must be published only if the family knows for a fact that the deceased has current creditors.

Can we bring in food?
Yes. A bite size food item is appreciated by most people. During a visitation most people stand and socialize. A small food item and a cup of coffee are maneuverable.

Will you provide rental casket?
Yes. The Ahlgrim Family has two types of rental caskets. The first is solid Oak and the second is 18 gauge metal. Both accept an insert containing all the interior fabric. The entire interior insert is removed for cremation and replaced with a fresh new insert.

Can a family member witness the cremation?
Yes, but it is not required.