Ahlgrim Family Funeral Services uses DuPage Livery Service which is housed next door to the Palatine Funeral Home. DuPage Livery owns 2 Hearses and a Limousine. This affords us a unique opportunity to work very closely with the manager, Jeff Ahlgrim and all the drivers. Ahlgrim Family Funeral Service has high requirements for the standard of service we offer. Having DuPage Livery so close allows us to keep all of DuPage’s personnel apprised of our actions and procedures. Our relationship has with the chauffeurs allows us to organize and orchestrate a smooth, dignified funeral process. DuPage Livery provides extra special care to the deceased and their honorable ride to the cemetery. We have made sure that the goals of the DuPage Livery Service are the same as those of the Ahlgrim Family Funeral Service.