Wake / Funeral Options

Visitations & Services:

A typical visitation time is generally between 2:00 PM and 9:00 PM. These can be adjusted per a family’s request. As the sunsets earlier a family may wish the visitation to end at 8:00 PM, allowing friends to drive home before dark. Many elderly people have a harder time driving at night. This is a high consideration among families when deciding on their visitation times. Many families request their visitation time start at 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM which provides the family more time to prepare for the evening ahead. The busiest period during a wake is approximately 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Many people will visit after work and school hours. The visitation can take place at a funeral home or we can arrange them at other locations such as a church, banquet hall, or your home. Families are welcome to bring in bite size refreshments to the funeral home during the visitation for themselves or their family & friends.

Some will attend after a dinner out since they are dressed nicer than a routine day. Visitation Attire is usually business casual. Button Shirt and slacks for men, possibly with a tie, skirt or pants suit for women. This is only a guideline. Those attending should be made to feel welcome, meaning any dress is appropriate knowing that their presence and support of the family is the most important aspect!

The service usually takes place the day after the visitation either at the funeral home, church or cemetery. The service can also take place on the same day as the visitation.
A visitation can be held in the afternoon & evening with a service that same evening, this especially works well when cremation is the choice for disposition.
The visitation can also be for an hour or a few hours in the morning followed by a service, this works well when it will be a small gathering of people.

Direct Graveside Service:

We either meet at funeral home then go in procession to cemetery or we meet family directly at cemetery for service/prayers. There are no formal services at the funeral home and the casket is rarely open at the cemetery. This option does not allow for a public visitation period.

Memorial Service:

Ahlgrim Family Funeral Service can arrange a Memorial Service. This is a service without the body present, at the funeral home, church, or other location. This can be days, weeks or even months after the death. A Memorial Service can include the cremated remains, picture boards and /or a DVD presentation.

Forwarding or receiving remains from another funeral home:

We can make arrangements to forward or send remains to another funeral home within Illinois, another state, or most countries. Ahlgrim Family Funeral Service will use any major airlines to have a loved one at their destination in time for any services arranged.


We can help arrange a funeral luncheon with many local restaurants or at a restaurant close to the cemetery.

During Visitations:

Families can bring in their own music to be played during a visitation. This would be through out the building and can be Classical, Blues, Rock, Big Band…… whatever the deceased or family enjoys. If a family wishes we will play quiet instrumental music.

We have tables available that can be set up so family members may bring in photo albums or other mementoes to be displayed as well as easels for collages or photos attached to a board for display.

We have a large screen projector that is used to play a DVD slide show, with or without music. Most families make their own however we do work with companies that can make a DVD slide show for you.

Miscellaneous items we can obtain:

We can obtain a Bagpiper to play at the funeral home, church or cemetery.

We can have Jewelry or Rosaries made from rose petals from flower pieces that were at the service.

By taking a thumbprint of your loved one we can have charms, rings, tie tacs, lapel pins, and other items made with the impression of the thumbprint in either Sterling Silver, Yellow or White 14K Gold.

We can arrange to have a White Dove release at the cemetery.

We can have Memorial Portraits made that resemble the Old World style of paintings by Rembrandt from a photo that is given to us.

For the motorcycle enthusiast we can offer a Motorcycle Hearse to carry the casket from the funeral home to a church or cemetery.

Can have a Custom Picture Frame made out of 12 to 16 photos.


We offer a variety of urns for pets as well as, & can have charms, rings, tie tacs, lapel pins and other items made with the impression of the pets paw or nose print in either Sterling Silver, Yellow or White 14K Gold.